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“What a beautiful performance of my “Grote Archipel”; by the way, your entire recital radiated strength, cantando, grandeur and spatiality!”

Daan Manneke

The Art of Life

Without always realizing it, music serves as a wonderful barometer for how your life is going. You choose relaxing music to relieve pressure, or challenging music when you have space in your mind. Your ears follow your heart.

As a musician, I let myself be guided in a similar way. I believe that I must live life itself in order to make music, not just the notes but their expressiveness. Just as the composer has been engaged with it; responding to their world, seen with a distinctive perspective and connected through emotions.

What you and I share is that music is our faithful companion, always present and growing alongside us during times of change. That’s why I passionately believe that music has something to say to everyone. Your own experiences are guiding in this. What kind of life does this music awaken in you, here and now?


Music in context        

If music is a part of art, and art is a part of life, why should we limit ourselves to just music in concerts? In 2018, I launched the “Soirée de Nadezda” series, where, as a pianist and programmer, I provide a platform which offers a refreshing perspective on various forms of art, with classical music at its core.

The series includes approximately five concerts each season, two of which are piano solo. I invite inspiring musicians who challenge me, bring a different sound world, and enable fascinating collaborations.

And because we can all use a bit of structure sometimes, we build something around the program. It can be literature, poetry, historical context, or something very personal. We aim to subtly shift your perspective that you’re curious about what you’ll experience as a result. Music in context opens up a world, and the “Soirée” often leads to spontaneous reactions and interesting conversations with the audience.


Behind the Keyboard

The many possibilities of the piano, coupled with the craft of playing, are just the foundation. My audience – you – takes the lead: how can I “translate” the piece for you, truly bringing it to life? The French composer Claude Debussy has played a decisive role in this. Thanks to him, I’ve changed the way I think and study. You can hear it in my playing; in the harmonies and sound colors I create.

It's refreshing to be able to apply this approach to the challenging energy of modern composers like Vanessa Lann and Jörg Widmann. To the emotional world of Russian masters Scriabin, Prokofiev, Stravinsky. And to the classical beauty of Mozart and Beethoven. Follow your curiosity, you are most welcome!


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