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About Denise Junius

Our first meeting


In 2013, I attended together with my son a house concert where eight pianists from the masterclass of professor Willem Brons were playing. They all played beautifully, but one of them kept my attention: Nadezda Filippova. She touched my heart with her playing and looking to her small hands and her serene face made a deep impression on me. My son talked to her after the concert, soon they fell in love with each other and started their relationship.


My inspiration


Two years later, I went to one of her concerts in the Nikolaisaal in Potsdam. She performed the first piano concerto of Tchaikovsky together with the Babelsberg Film Orchestra. It was the first time that I was able to have a look behind the scenes; the warming up, the long waiting, the nerves. During the concert there was no sign of all this hassle behind the scenes, it was just as beautiful as I was used to. I saw many opportunities anyway to help and support her with all the practical stuff during the next concert. Also, after the concert, there was a possibility to buy CD’s of the orchestra, but people asked for a CD of Nadezda. Which she did not have at that moment. Suddenly I got an idea of what should be her next step… And so our story began and our collaboration started with bringing the right people together for the recording and release of her first solo album Illimité”, with works of C. Debussy. This was the beginning of 2017.


All beautiful


During the process of the production of her first solo album, I became gradually her personal manager and coach. In the meantime, Nadezda changed places and moved to Amsterdam. Soon she became a laureate of Dutch Classical Talent 2017-18, a fantastic trajectory in the Netherlands where we intensified our working together.


Nowadays we organise concerts, develop concepts, and make contacts with music programmers and managers. A side-effect of our collaboration is that I can enjoy her concerts almost every week!

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